Phytomicin™- an NGP against Gram+ Bacteria

Phytomicin™,a stable Hop extract premix,it is known to be the most potent NGP gainst Gram+ Bacteria.

Phytomicin feed additive

  • Clear composition: Hop extracts(B-acid)
  • Measurable anti-clostridiu: Mic is 25ug/ml (6.25~50 ug/ml,measured by the weight of the premix)
  • Alternative the gram-positive bacterium completely,Non-Drug residues and non-drug tolerance (GRAS)
Phytomicin™, made of Hop extracts by special preparation technology,is the nature production performance enhancing,rich in B-acid and other nature compose anti the actively of the microbe in wide spectrum.
Phytomicin™ outdistanced the common AGPs by its activity to anti clostridia,and it overcome the disadvantage of the common plant essential oil which is volatilizes & unstable.It with edible GRAS active ingredient,no drug tolerance,no drug remain,no drug holiday.It effective improving intestinal health and increasing the feed intake and promoting the animal production performance.
  • Main active ingredient of Phytomicin(insighter)
  • Efficiency Activity:
    • Efficiency Activity,measurable anti-clostridia: Mic is 25ug/ml(6.25-50 ug/ml,massured by the weight of the premix)
    • No Drug tolerance:Multi component synergy,and with multi target
    • Stable:  Phytomicin™ overcome the disadvantage of common plant essential oil which is volatilizes & unstable.
    • It is compose by the nature edible GRAS material,safe for animal and human.
  • Dosage recommend(Phytomicin feed additives)

  • Picture 1. The Drug Tolerance of the Clostridium botulinum bacteria from Gut of Swine & Brolier to the common AGPs (2012~2014)

    Phytomicin no drug tolerance-insighter feed additives
  • Table 1. The stability of Phytomicin™ (The MIC to anti-clostridia JM1305)

    Phytomicin table 1-insighter feed additives
  • Table 2. The production performance of Phytomicin™ to broiler

    Phytomicin table 2-insighter feed additives
  • Table 3. The production performance of Phytomicin™ to Layer

    Phytomicin table 3-insighter feed additives
  • Table 4. The production performance of Phytomocin™ to Duck

    Phytomicin table 4-insighter feed additives
  • Table 5. The produce preformance effect of Phytomicin™ in Piglet(2011,Xinhui,Guangdong,China)

    Phytomicin table 5-insighter feed additives