Tanpro (50%) (Ultimate Tannic Acid)

Tanpro (Tannalbin, 50% Tannic Acid) 

-The milestone of the Innovative livestock feed additives

The chemical composition of Pro-Tan: 50% Tannalbin-Stable Tannins

Tannalbin is a typical antidiarrheal medicine embodied into:

1) many national Pharmacopoeias including Chinese Pharmacopeia, Japanese Pharmacopoeia (JP), and German Pharmacopoeia (Deutsches Arzneibuch – DAB);

2) veterinary Pharmacology textbooks and veterinary drug handbooks

Cas No.:



Albutannin; Albutannins; Tannalbin; Tannalbins; Tannin albuminate; Albumintannate

Typical Physical Properties

Physical appearance: Offwhite free-flowing powder

    •  Intestinal convergence: it insures the completeness of animals' mucosa, effectively reduces the rates of diarrhea and promotes the animal production performance & the feed conversion efficiency.
    • Neutralizing the enterotoxins of Escherichia coli (LT) and the exotoxin produced by other bacteria, thence to control diarrhea.
    • Easy to use: Pro-Tan® employs tannin acid of a special structure, which is different from the free (isolated) tannin acid. Having no irritation to the operators' skin, it brings great convenience in production and operation; it does not distain the feed processing machines; when added into feed, it does not blacken in touch with water; meanwhile, the tannin acid is stablized consequently.
    • Absolutely palatable: Tannalbin is insoluble in water. Tannic acid is only released on condtition that the GUT is alkaline. Therefore the palatability problem is out of the question; It enables the intestinal tract to achieve a target release and a double anti-diarrheal effect of  the free tannin acid [1 Kg Pro-Tan®  (50%) = 1.5 Kg free tannin acid (70%)].
    • High-performance alternative or supplement: Pro-Tan® can completely substitute antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs) and/or high-dose ZnO or spray-dried animal plasma (SDPP) while they are forbidden or during the "No-Antibiotics Feed" period.
    • GRAS Substances: Pro-Tan® can be administered to all animal subjects at any growth stages, without withdrawal periods.
  • Table 7-Pro-Tan tannalbin feed additives
The feed examination of Pro-tan (50% Tannalbin feed additives)

  • Table 1. The effect of Pro-tan add into the creep feed

    Table 1-Pro-Tan tannal feed additives The dose regimen of the control group:ZnO 2250ppm + Bacillus sulfate 20ppm + chlortetracycline 75ppm; The dose regimen of “Pro-tan” group: ZnO 2250ppm + chlortetracycline 75ppm +Pro-tan 1500ppm. ②Test location: Insighter animal experiment farm (Jiangmen,Guangdong); ③Time of the experiment:6th.,May~16th,May.,2015. ④Animal for experiment: Duroc dasanyuan hybrid piglet,25 days of age;  ⑤Feed: Custom creep feed, nutritious level: simple protein≥18.0%, crude fiber ≤4.0%,crude ash≤7.0%,calcium 0.5-1.2%,total phosphorus≥0.55%,Lys≥1.5%,DE 3500kcal/kg。It  including 5%SDPP on both of group
  • Table 2. The effect that Pro-tan replace the SDPP when add into the creep feed

    Table 2-Pro-Tan tannalbin feed additivesRemark:①The dose regimen of the SDPP group:SDPP 5%;ZnO 2250ppm+Bacillus Sulfate 20ppm+chlortetracycline 75ppm;The dose regimen of the Pro-tan group:Choice the equal amount of SPC to replace the SDPP ;ZnO 2250ppm+Bacillus Sulfate 20ppm +chlortetracycline 75ppm+Pro-tan 10000ppm。②Place of examination:The animal examination farm of Ingishter(Jiangmen,Guangdong);③Examination Date:8th.,~18th.,June.;④Animal for experiment: :Duroc dasanyuan hybrid piglet,25 days of age;;⑤Feed:custom creep feed,nutritious level:simple protein≥18.0%,crude fiber≤4.0%,crude ash≤7.0%,calcium 0.5-1.2%,total phosphorus≥0.55%,Lys≥1.5%,DE 3500kcal/kg。
  • Table 3 The effect of Pro-tan on the piglet nursery stage

    Table 3-Pro-Tan tannalbin feed additives Remark:The dose regimen of the control group:ZnO 2250ppm+Bacillus Sulfate 20ppm+Chlortetrackcline 75ppm;“The dose regimen of Pro-tan group:(ZnO)2250ppm+Bacillus Sulfate 20ppm+Chlortetrackcline 75ppm+Pro-tan 1000ppm。②Place of Examination :The animal examination farm of Insighter (Jiangmen, Guangdong);③Date of examination:16th.,May~30th.,May.,2015;④The pig for examination:Duroc dasanyuan hybrid piglet,35 days of age;⑤Feed:Custom nursery feed powder, nutritious level :simple protein≥18.0%,DE 3500kcal/kg。
  • Table 4 The effect of Pro-tan in the piglet station

    Table 4-Pro-Tan tannalbin feed additives Remark:①The dose regimen of the control group:Cu 200ppm(TBCC)+Bacillus Sulfate 20ppm+Chlortetrackcline 75ppm+Quincetone 50ppm;The dose regimen of Pro-tan Group:Cu 200ppm(TBCC)+Bacillus Sulfate 20ppm+Chilortetrackcline 75ppm+Quincetone 50ppm +Pro-tan 500ppm;②Place of examination:The animal examination farm of Insighter(jiangmen,Guangdong);③The date of examinate:30th My~29th. June.., 2015;④Animal for examinate:Duroc dasanyuan hybrid pig,in 49 days of age。⑤Feed:Custom commercial piggy feed powder, no any ZnO and AGPs feed additives.
  • Table 5 The treatment effect of Pro-tan for piglet early weaning diarrhea

    Table 5-Pro-Tan Remark:No feeding wean piglet for the feed powder without any AGPs,ZnO and Cu 3 days before the examination. Only choice the diarrhea wean piglet ( in 35 days of age) for examination。①The dose regimen of the control group:No any ZnO,Cu and AGPs additive;The dose regimen of Pro-tan Group:Pro-tan 10kg/t;②Place of examination: the examination farm of Insighte (Jiangmen, Guangdong);③Date of Examination:May.,D1(The first day for treatment);D2(The second day for treatment)……
  • Table 6 The effect of Pro-tan for Broiler

    Table 6-Pro-Tan tannalbin feed additives Remark:①The dose regimen of control group:Bacillus sulfate 20ppm+STAFAC 40g/t(1-21 days of age),Bacillus Sulfate 20ppm+STAFAC 20g/t(22-56 days of age;The dose regimen of Pro-tan Group:Pro-tan 300g/t(1-21 days of age) or 200 g/t(22-56 days of age);②Place of examination:Animal examination farm of Insighter( Jiangmen,Guangdong);③Date of examination:2nd.,April~27th May. 2015 ;④Animal for examination:Quick rhubarb feather broiler, the examination period is 56 days。⑤Feed: Custom commercial broiler fee, without any AGPs.