STAB-CIM™(25% Cinnamaldehyde premix)


(25% Cinnamaldehyde premix)
-Stable essential oils feed additives anti-microorganism in wider spectrum

Stab-CIM feed Additive

  • Cinnamaldehyde The molecular structure of Cinnamaldehyde
  • Cinnamaldehyde with wider spectrum anti-microorganism additives
    1. It could directly anti Gram-positive bacteria & Gram-negative bacteria (C.p and E.coli and so on,MIC is 100~200ppm) in broad spectrum.
    2. Restrain the activity of the quorum sensing inhibitors of the pathogenic fungi of GUT,reduce the virulence of pathogenic bacteria.
    3. Retrain the activity and the copy of virus in the GUT (AIV and others)
    1. Wider spectrum anti-microorganism additives: Direct sterilization,attenuated form GUT in low dosage.
    2. Original Preparation technology to make sure the Cinnamaldehyde premix would be stable,contents keeps same,no volatilizing,no degradation,withstand high temperatures,and long-term preservation.
    3. Palatability,nonirritant,No affect the feed intake even add high dose into the feed
    4. High Cost-Effective: It could reduce the dose of AGPs and improve the efficiency (the reason of QSI) when it add into the common fee with AGPs;It could alternative the wider spectrum AGPs,for example Aureomycin and others to reduce the cost of feed.
  • STAB-CIM Insighter feed additives-Dose

[Feeding experiment]

  • Table 1.The STAB-CIM™ feed additives apply in Piglet Feed

    STAB-CIM Table 1(Insighter feed additives)
  • Table 2.STAB-CIM™ feed additives apply in starter broiler(Insighter animal examination farm,2013)

    STAB-CIM Insighter feed additives-Table 2
  • Table 3.STAB-CIM™ feed additives apply in Layer ( Insighter animal examination farm,2013)

    STAB-CIM Insighter feed additives-Table 3
  • Table 4.STAB-CIM™ feed additives apply in Ctenopharyngodon idellus (China Agricultural University Department of Fisheries (2012))

    STAB-CIM Insighter feed additives-Table 4
  • Table 5. The production performance of STAB-CIM™ feed additives in Duck (Insighter animal examination farm,2013)

    STAB-CIM Insighter feed additives-Table 5