Healthy solutions of Swine Nutrition

Swine Feed additives
Feed additives are compounds added to swine diets for the purpose of enhancing animal performance. The feed additives provide minimal direct nutritional value to the diets. Such additives include antibacterial agents, antiparasitic compounds, metabolic modifiers, probiotics/prebiotics, acidifiers, enzymes and botanicals. Of these classifications, antibacterials metabolic modifiers, and antiparasitic agents are the major ones currently added to swine feeds. Some have been used extensively and successfully in swine production over the last 50 years.

  • Antibacterial to promote the produce performance enhance;
  • Present alternatives to antibacterial agents in swine diets;
  • Improve the FCR.

At what stages of the production cycle are additives effective?
The response to feed additives is greatest in starter (10 to 50 lb) diets. The response to feed additives is less during the finishing period (125 lb to market weight) than it is at younger ages.